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The Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets have been used in the medical community for a long time, to treat conditions such as anxiety, stress, autism and ADHD. They work by calming, relaxing and preparing the body for sleep.

We believe it is time for the general public to reap the same benefits, so we have designed our own weighted blanket to provide great sleep for everyone.

How It Is Made

A carefully calculated distribution of non-toxic, 1mm glass beads is suspended in the inner padding of the weighted blanket.

Pockets are sewn throughout the blanket with highly durable stiching. This prevents glass beads from moving.

The distribution of the weight is optimised for maximum sedative effect and body comfort.

The outer fabric is made from high-quality, tight-knit cotton.

Everything you need in one package

A starter pack from Sleep Instincts includes everything you need:

2 covers to rotate in your wash cycle. One is a cotton cover that works perfectly during warmer summer nights. The other is a thicker minky cover that will keep you warm during the colder winter nights.

Size and weight

Our blankets have been designed for optimal weight distribution. The dimensions are 200cm x 140cm, larger than most weighted blankets.

For weight, please choose your blanket according to this table for best results.


Weighted by non-toxic and non-allergenic glass beads

Weighted Blankets from Sleep Instincts are extremely comfortable cotton blankets that have been weighted by glass pellets sewn into their inner layers.

Deep Touch Pressure Therapy

The weight distribution of the blanket stimulates beneficial reactions in your body, such as the release of serotonin and melatonin. This calms and prepares the body for sleep.

Instinctive feeling of safety and security

Our weighted blankets simulates a massive hug through the weight distribution it provides around your body. This helps reduce anxiety and stress.


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The Cotton Cover

Made from tightly knit cotton, the cotton cover gives a luxurious feel similar to that of bedding in 5-star hotels. It provides a cooling effect and is the perfect match for the warmer summer nights in Australia.

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The Minky Cover

With the fluffy and velvety Minky Cover, your blanket turns into the most silky soft comforter you have ever experienced. Giving some additional warmth, it will be your favourite during the colder winter nights.

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Good value. Quick delivery. Works well as a sleep aid...

– Elizabeth W.

Delivery was really quick and my son loves the blanket. Thank you.

– Estelle W.

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