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Weighted Blanket - Full Set With 2 Free Covers - FREE Next Day Shipping - In Stock

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Triggers basic instincts by simulating a safe and comfortable environment. The body’s experience of relaxing pressure stimulation triggers release of serotonin for improved mood and melatonin for improved sleep.

The pressure therapy provided by Sleep Instincts' weighted blanket helps reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, insomnia, ADHD and restless leg syndrome.

Designed for Australian conditions - Most weighted blankets designed for colder European and North-American conditions, but Sleep Instincts’ have been specially designed for the warmer Australian climate. It provides a cooling effect for the long summer months.

Complete set with all you need - Comes with two outer covers, so this will fit right into your wash cycle. The cotton cover is made from high-quality fabric with the same feel as regular bed linens. The minky cover is extremely soft and cozy and provides a bit extra warmth when needed.

Optimal size - We make large single covers instead of small doubles. That way you get the most effective weight distribution around your body for maximum sleep, with less weight lying next to you on the mattress.

Free shipping within Australia. Ships domestically with courier the next business day and usually arrives at your address within 3-5 days.

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Weighted Blanket

  • Perfect weight distribution for optimal sleep for one person
  • Large size 200x140cm
  • Light grey colour
  • High quality cotton casing
  • Weighted by non-toxic, non-allergenic glass beads, distributed and sewn into polyester padding in the core of the blanket
  • Weighted Blanket can be used on it's own, or with a cover (two extra covers provided in this set)
  • Looped in corners and on sides for secure fixing when used with covers
  • Designed specifically for Australian conditions

Cotton Cover

  • High-quality cotton fabric
  • Light grey colour
  • Large Size 200x140cm, made to fit weighted blanket
  • Inner ribbons to fix through loops on weighted blanket

Minky Cover

  • Ultra-soft polyester fabric
  • Light grey colour
  • Large Size 200x140cm, made to fit weighted blanket
  • Inner ribbons to fix through loops on weighted blanket