How A Revolutionary Blanket Could Transform Your Sleep

Have you ever though about how your sleep is the dominant factor in deciding whether your next day will be a good one or a tough one?

Imagine how your life could improve if you were able to take control over your sleep, and make every day a good one.

We here at Sleep Instincts believe that the importance of sleep is vastly neglected in our society, and that mastering sleep is the quickest and most effective way to improve well-being.

For this reason, we have designed a weighted blanket that is specifically engineered to improve sleep, work comfortably in the Australian climate and be convenient for for everyday use.

"Sleeping through the night

It is a fantastic feeling waking up in the morning and realising that you actually slept through the entire night and just feeling great.
I used to wake up several times every night, and then struggle to fall back to sleep. I would lose a few hours of sleep every night because of it, and of course the quality of the sleep would be impacted as well.
The blanket calms down my muscles and removes the tension. Big recommend."


Good Sleep Means Good Life

Sleep is such a deciding factor for quality of life, it is a mystery why we don't pay more attention to it. If you master sleep, there are benefits to be had everywhere:

✔️Abundance Of Energy

✔️Positive Thoughts Throughout Your Day

✔️General Feeling of Confidence and Happiness

✔️Increased Performance And Productivity

✔️Better Social Life And Relationships

✔️Energy to Reach Your Aspirations

Our Story

Designed by Enthusiasts, Used by Enthusiasts

We are a family business founded on a passion for health and fitness. Based in Brisbane, Australia, we wanted to revolutionise sleep.It is simply too important, and sets the well-being of almost every aspect of your life.

Weighted Blankets have been used in the medical community for a long time, to treat conditions such as anxiety, stress, ADHD and restless leg syndrome. But we thought there is no reason why not everybody can enjoy the calming benefits of weighted blankets and achieve great sleep.

Also, being everyday users ourselves, we noticed that weighted blankets are mainly designed and produced for the cooler climates such as north America and northern Europe. That doesn't necessarily work well with the warmer Australian climate.

So we decided to reinvent the weighted blanket and improve it. And optimise it for Australian conditions. So that you can reap all the calming benefits in a solution that is convenient for everyday use, like any other bedding.

When designing our weighted blankets, we have chosen materials with a cooling effect. And to increase flexibility in daily use, our weighted blankets come with two covers instead of one. That means you can adjust the feel of your blanket based on the weather or your mood, and use your blanket uninterrupted by wash cycles.

About Our Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets have been used in the medical community for a long time, because of their ability to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote sleep. Specifically, they have been used to treat conditions such as anxiety, stress, ADHD, autism and restless leg syndrome.

✔️Weighted by non-toxic, non-allergenic glass beads

An extremely comfortable cotton blanket that has been weighted by non-toxic, non-allergenic glass beads sewn into it's core layer. The glass beads also provides a cooling effect, which is very useful in warmer climates.

✔️Deep touch pressure therapy

The weight distribution of the blanket triggers beneficial reactions in your body, such as the release of serotonin and melatonin. This calms and prepares the body for sleep.

✔️Instinctive feeling of safety and security

Our weighted blankets simulates a massive hug through the weight distribution it provides around your body. This helps reduce anxiety and stress, which in turn relaxes the mind.

✔️Designed for Australian conditions

Most weighted blankets were originally designed for colder climates, such as North America and northern Europe. We at Sleep Instincts have taken special care to in our design to tailor our weighted blankets for Australian conditions.

✔️Ease of use and flexibility - 2 Free Covers!

Our weighted blanket is designed for everyday use. We provide two free covers together with the blanket. This allows you to continuously use your blanket regardsless of wash cycles, and let's you modify the feel and properties of your blanket based on weather and preference.

✔️Comes with loops and inner ribbons for easy assembly of cover to the blanket


"Great blanket at a great deal

Taking the two covers into account, this is great value. Love the choice and flexibility, and I am so rested every morning."

-Nick J

Which Weight Should I Choose?

For best results, we recommend that you follow this table when you choose blanket weight.

Our Weighted Blanket - The star of the show

A lot of careful work has gone into engineering the optimal weight distribution. We believe that the only way to achieve great results is by designing large and comfortable blankets with perfect weight distribution for a single person.

We don't recommend double-sized blankets, as this will only throw the weight distribution off, resulting in sub-optimal results.

For couples, we recommend that each partner use their own blanket based on their individual bodyweight.

The blanket comes with loops in every corner and on each side (8 loops in total) for secure fixing to the covers.

Made out of extremely comfortable, high quality cotton, the blanket works wonderfully on it's own or with one of the covers.

200cm X 122cm

Light grey colour

The Cotton Cover

Made from luxurious cotton, this cover makes your blanket resemble luxurious bedding like your find in high-end hotels.

The cotton cover comes with inner ribbons to fix through the loops in the weighted blanket.

Easily washable.

Light grey colour

The Minky Cover

With the fluffy and velvety Minky Cover, your blanket turns into the most silky soft comforter you have ever experienced. Giving some additional warmth, it will be your favourite during the slightly colder Australian winter nights.

Easily washable.

Light grey colour

So are you ready to take your sleep to the next level?

For a limited time, we offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Australia with express courier. That means you can have your weighted blanket in as little as three business days.

We are certain that you are going to love your new weighted blanket, so to express our confidence in our product we will offer you a 30-days 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. In other words, no risk for you!

Limited supply only, so make sure to order your weighted blanket today, and get energised.

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