Sleep Instincts


Designed by Enthusiasts, Used by Enthusiasts

We are a family business founded on a passion for health and fitness. Based in Brisbane, Australia, we wanted to revolutionise sleep. It is simply too important, and sets the well-being of almost every aspect of your life.

Weighted Blankets have been used in the medical community for a long time, to treat conditions such as anxiety, stress and ADHD. But we thought there is no reason why not everybody can enjoy the calming benefits of weighted blankets and achieve great sleep.

Also, being everyday users ourselves, we noticed that weighted blankets are mainly designed and produced for the cooler climates such as north America and northern Europe. That doesn't necessarily work well with the warmer Australian climate.

So we decided to reinvent the weighted blanket and optimise it for Australian conditions. So that you can reap all the calming benefits in a solution that is convenient for everyday use, like any other bedding.

When designing our weighted blankets, we have chosen materials with a cooling effect. But to increase flexibility in daily use, our sets of weighted blankets come with two covers instead of one. This allows you to adjust the feel of your blanket based on the weather or your mood, and also let's you use your blanket uninterrupted by wash cycles.